Upload your picture for your Irish Passport


  • Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, png, Max. file size: 512 MB.




  • Ideally, you need to stand in front of a plain grey, white or cream background.
  • Your photo must be in focus.
  • There must not be any shadows on the face,  Sometimes taking a photograph outside in the shade against a wall prevents light shadows
  • Hair should not cover any part of the eyes.
  • Glasses can be worn in your photo, provided the frame is not covering any part of your eyes and there is no glare on the lenses.
  • Make sure the expression is neutral, you are not smiling and your mouth is closed.
  • Head looking at camera.
  • Please ensure there is visible space between your head and shoulders and the edge of the photo.

We aim to come back to you within 24 hours. If we feel the picture you have sent is not suitable for reworking we will contact you and advise, You will be allowed to submit 2 more pictures for us to work on.

Due to the many conditions in getting a photograph accepted by the passport office, if after working on up to 3 of your pictures we cannot get 1 to pass, there is no refund, but you can come to our studio where your €6 will be deducted from our normal €10 charge.